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Confrontation: Jiangsu Suning Tesco VS Guangzhou Evergrande Taobao

confrontation: Jiang苏sun ing TESCO vs Guangzhou ever Gran的taobao

Competition time: 18:00 on September 24, 2020


Venue: Dalian Jinzhou Stadium

Venue: DA连jin周stadium

The past record of the two teams in the first 5 encounters: Evergrande has 3 wins, 1 draw and 1 loss.






After defeating Henan Jianye in the last round, Evergrande won the first stage of the Dalian Division in the first stage of the league two rounds ahead of schedule. However, under this year’s special competition system, this can only be regarded as a small goal reached by the team. The second stage of the knockout in Suzhou is the key battle to determine the champion. Therefore, it can be expected that in the next two games with Suning and Dalian, Kashuai will begin to prepare for the second stage of the game, through these two actual combat exercises and attempts. At the same time, when the schedule is very intensive, Kashuai is likely to let a group of main players take turns or reduce playing time to avoid unnecessary injuries and affect the team's championship in the second stage.




In fact, in the last round of the battle with Henan, Kashuai has already begun to make a new attempt. He used the combination of Liao Lisheng and He Chao in the midfield with Paulinho, although the young man’s ability to fight and run can rise when the midfield is under pressure. To a certain effect, but in terms of control and details, there is still a lot of gap compared with Zheng Zhi. This became more obvious after Paulinho was pushed to the front line in the second half. It wasn't until Zheng Zhi played that the scene gradually stabilized. Facing Suning who is eager to grab points this round, what kind of new tactical drills will Kashuai make? What is the mix of personnel? Will Luo Guofu, Tan Kaiyuan, Wu Shaocong and others who have performed well in the FA Cup before get a chance to play? Worthy of attention.








Suning is currently ranked 2nd in the Dalian Division. Although Luneng, who has the same score because of the superior performance in the match, is in this year's special competition system, because the relationship with other teams is not dominant, Suning is ranked first. On the contrary, the qualification for the second-stage championship group has not been locked (Luneng has already obtained the qualification for the championship group because of its dominant relationship with other teams). If there is a losing streak in the last 2 rounds of the league, it still exists before being pushed out. Possibility of 4...

苏宁目前在大连部门排名第二。尽管由于比赛中的出色表现而获得同样成绩的鲁能已经进入了今年的特殊比赛系统,但由于与其他球队的关系并不占优势,苏宁排名第一。相反,第二阶段冠军组的资格尚未锁定(鲁能已经获得了冠军组的资格,因为它与其他车队的主导关系)。如果在联盟的最后两轮中出现连败,那么在被淘汰之前它仍然存在。 4 ...的可能性



Therefore, there is no doubt about Suning's fighting spirit in this round of competition. As long as they can get points from Evergrande, they will be able to get tickets for the championship group one round in advance. In order to accomplish this goal, I believe Suning coach Olaroyu will not do too many rotations, and will still play in the regular main lineup.




This season, after Suning had the frontcourt fulcrum of high center forward Santini, his offensive tactics have increased, instead of relying on counterattacks. With Santini as the axis, Teixeira and Edel used speed and breakthrough ability to intersect and pass and cut back and forth, and then cooperated with Wu Xi's post-insertion. It can be said that this offensive four-man team is Suning's magic weapon for attacking the city. At present, a total of 20 goals have been scored, and these 4 people accounted for 18, and their importance to Suning is self-evident.




Therefore, for Evergrande, whoever plays in this field must have a unified mind. If you want to do everything to prevent Teixeira and Edel’s advance line, you must also pay attention to cutting off the gap between Wu Xi and several foreign players in the front field. Connect, and pay attention to blocking the long shots of Suning players, because Suning is the team that likes to use long shots so far this season. The offensive end should strengthen the pressure on Suning's defense, reduce the quality of their shots, force them to make mistakes and launch a local counterattack.