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CINEASTE365: JFK documentaries (November 21, 2013 – Working day 040)
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Cineaste365 (November 21, 2013 – Day 040): Present day selection for Cineaste365 goes to…. no, it truly is not Oliver Stone’s &quotJFK&quot but to filmmakers who have designed JFK documentaries that air on tv throughout this time to commemorate the dying of President John F. Kennedy.

Initial, permit me say that I enjoyed Oliver Stone’s &quotJFK&quot and when it comes to movies about JFK that genuinely fired up the conspiracy theories about his demise, Stone’s movie no question introduced a firestorm of conspiracy theories but also more attention to November 22, 1963.

But for me, particularly prior to I worked in politics prolonged ago, I was influenced by JFK’s &quotProfiles in Braveness&quot and then I started to pay attention to a lot of the speeches he experienced sent. I didn’t genuinely adhere to as well significantly into any extramarital affairs he had, but I was typically looking through about the Kennedy household and their entrance into politics, as it aided me consider no matter whether or not I wanted to perform in the sector when I was more youthful.

But I can keep in mind observing these documentaries about Camelot, the JFK loved ones and of program the several documentaries about his assassination that I understand that each and every calendar year that I became interested, it was not a movie about JFK I would look at, it was a documentary and each number of several years, it would be a distinct documentary.

As for the photograph, I do personal and have collected JFK memorabilia and these journals are from 1963. I generally frequent antique shops to look for vintage cinema or JFK memorabilia and sure ample, during my travels, I saw an antique keep in a little city and experienced to check out what was inside. And confident enough I identified journals from 1963 and a couple of from November-December 1963 but also other several years including, magazines from 1968 (loss of life of Robert F. Kennedy) which I acquired.

Right after JFK’s dying, a great deal of the journal publications released unique troubles in memory of JFK.

On the best remaining is a specific concern from &quotLOOK&quot magazine from 1963 about &quotKennedy and his Family members in Photos&quot, on the best right is the United Push and Chase Studio’s special &quot202 Photos: John F. Kennedy – From Childhood to Martyrdom&quot, &quotThe Saturday Night Post&quot problem is from Dec. fourteen, 1963 in memoriam of JFK and featured Norman Rockwell’s painting of JFK on the front include (the magazine price twenty cents at the time), The &quotLook&quot issue is from Dec. 31, 1963 and was a &quotIn Memory of John F. Kennedy&quot problem, the Existence problem from 1963 was a &quotJohn F. Kennedy Memorial Version&quot launched not lengthy after his dying.

I also have a half greenback of JFK, for these who never know, in 1964 the JFK fifty percent dollars (Denver-made) ended up produced in Philadelphia, San Francisco and Denver and they were the most wanted piece for collectors. But since the Treasury’s stock of silver were currently being depleted, President Johnson reduced the volume of silver for cash, so by 1965, the 50 % dollar went from 90% silver to forty% silver. There is a complete tale behind the 50 percent dollar which you possibly can find out a lot more on wikipedia.

A current card is from Graphique de France of Jackie, JFK and young Caroline from Jacques Lowe’s photo from 1960.

And also a few documentaries and a e-book included in the photo as nicely.

&#39100 Cameras Project&#39 in Springfield to switch lens onto life of folks with
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