&#39Her,&#39 a single of the greatest movies of final year, coming to DVD

May 15, 2014

Romantic Comedy Film

Bette Davis
Romantic comedy film
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Ruth Elizabeth &quotBette&quot Davis (April five, 1908 – Oct 6, 1989) was an American actress of movie, tv and theater. Famous for her willingness to enjoy unsympathetic characters, she was extremely regarded for her performances in a variety of film genres, from modern crime melodramas to historical and period movies and occasional comedies, despite the fact that her finest successes ended up her roles in intimate dramas. (from Wikipedia)

&#39Her,&#39 a single of the best films of very last calendar year, coming to DVD
Set in around-future Los Angeles, Spike Jonze&#39s offbeat passionate comedy “Her” eerily rings more true than something else the films supply on the topic of love these days. Joaquin Phoenix performs Theodore Twombly, a slightly sad character who helps make his dwelling&nbsp…
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