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September 24, 2016

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When the family has New home Decoration, over the useful life of the range hood needs to be replaced, we need to buy a new hood. The face of many brands on the market, many types, many models of range hoods products, how do we choose the most suitable range hood then? If you have relevant knowledge of the range hood is not very understanding, it may take a long selection even waste time, so a certain amount of range hoods knowledge is necessary.

One style Before you go shopping, you may not know what they need a kind of range hood. But just to make friends as the first impression (appearance) is always very important. We are likely because of a paragraph style range hoods and like it, and finally select it.

Style range hood is basically determined by its type, so you first need to know how the classification of range hoods, so that also helps you understand other characteristics.

1, divided from the exhaust structure, range hood can be divided into top suction-type, near suction side of the suction type and type of three.

Top suction type: Top suction-type range hood fan system will be placed in the top of the smoke cavity, into

Tuyere Directly facing the rising smoke, soot in the smoke by reducing the cavity of the vortex of time, to achieve quick exhaust fumes. It uses fully enclosed exhaust chamber, and completely isolated within the body, through the

Filter Separation of the oil network fumes, reducing soot on
Motor , While the erosion of fan ventilation capacity was fully upgrade, so better smoke effects smoke. In addition, the top suction-type range hood in the structural design of the smoke cavity molding process to take one treatment, daily cleaning is very convenient. So whether you choose Chinese or European style range hood range hood, top suction-type range hood should be your first choice.

Near suction type: near suction-type hoods to take the smoke cavity open type structural design, relative to the top of suction-type hood, the recent absorption-type air inlet hoods more distance from the source of fumes Recently, reduced movement of smoke rising from the, smoke better results. Since the appearance in the smoke chamber to take the open-style design, the increased range of cooking space makes cooking does not exist in the sense of oppression. If you are an advocate of free people, these products should be your best choice.

Side of the suction type: side suction-type range hood fan system side on the side of the smoke cavity, with the top suction-type structure, the smoke will form a vortex in the cavity of the smoke, smoke effect is not top smoking were significantly lower. A combination of structural constraints, are often unable to achieve the smoke cavity forming one. Guide the way the oil within the oil circuit to achieve a general guide to the body oil and the discharge of oil, cleaning too much trouble. Therefore, suction-type range hood side has turned to near the top suction type and replaced by suction-type range hood.

2, form the minutes from the style, there are two kinds of Chinese and European.
Chinese style range hood has a deep type the smoke chamber, smoke effects rope better, more suitable environment for domestic cooking stir. Range hood after the “China” of reform, the smoke effect to increase substantially comparable with the Chinese range hood. Combined with the beautiful appearance of style, making Chinese

Kitchen , European decoration style in the CBD.
According to European-style hoods Panel Appearance, the industry generally be divided into arc, tower, T-shaped and other types:

Arc Range hood: its panels, rounded shape, visual softer, easier to shape the close. If you do not like tough stuff, these hoods more for you.

Pyramid Range hood: its panel shape is similar to China’s building?? Tower, their hoods, panels commonly used design elements similar to the line. Visual comparison of these hoods Stern, if your style preference for cool kitchen decoration, it kind of products will be your ideal choice.

T Model Range hood: its overall appearance is similar to inverted T-shape.

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