7 Steps to Success For Chick Lit Writers and Authors

October 6, 2014

Chick Flick

The ‘chick lit’ market is going from strength to strength as more and more young women find that they can relate so uncannily to the characters in these books. These books address concepts that all women will face in some way and at some time in their lives. Whether it be facing the dilemma of balancing motherhood with a career; or whether it is having to make the choice between a sensible life partner that your parents would adore or choosing the rugged, good for nothing man that sends your heart racing! Chick lits are invariably an easy and light-hearted read written in a humorous tone and littered with slang and clichés and modern cultural references that young women can relate to.

A good chick lit read will contain the following key elements:

* A female lead: The main character will be struggling in at least one if not all of the dimensions of her life. These dimensions generally being her career, her love life and her relationships with family and friends.

* A unique style of writing: Often being as a recount of the heroine’s disastrous efforts in love and life, this can sometimes be in a diary format, such as ‘Bridget Jones’ Diary’, which was one of the more successful ‘chick lits’. The style of writing ensures that the book can be picked up, read and enjoyed in short bursts.

* Humor: The book will generally highlight the character’s failings or day to day happenings with a humorous slant.

* Sexual themes: A good chick lit will not shy away from the inclusion of sex and it is often written about in a very frank manner.

* Glamorous setting: These stories are often written around the supposedly glamorous worlds of fashion or media, although more often than not the story reveals that the reality is not quite as the reader would expect.

* Modern references: References to the latest designer shoes or to celebrity lives can often be found in a good chick lit and it adds to the relevance that the reader can find within the story.

* An unexpected twist: Although chick lits are expected to be an easy read, the more successful books always have a quirky outcome or twist that makes finishing the book even more worthwhile.

So if you want to write successful chick lit and to have your manuscript accepted, make sure you incorporate these simple elements.

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