A Historical Background of Bach Flower Therapy

September 24, 2016

Historical Fiction

The idea of Bach flower therapy is an idea that was generated by a doctor named Dr. Edward Bach. He was a renowned physician and a Harley street doctor. He was also a renowned homeopath, bacteriologist and a keen researcher. He was a staunch believer in the notion that the attitude of the mind was an integral factor in determining the ability by patients to respond positively to treatment. Patients who have negative attitudes to any form of treatment will not respond positively to any form of treatment, no matter the quality of the medication they have been subjected to.

Dr. Bach was able to identify 38 states of mind that were exhibited by human beings at one time or another in the course of their lives. The drive for him was finding a simple way through which a patient could be healed. In order to do this, the doctor had to have information on the composition of the individual in terms of personality.

Through a long journey, he was able to identify Bach flower remedies which enabled the body go through a process of self-healing. Bach flower remedies were identified to be very efficient ways of removing barriers of the mind so that the body could respond well to treatment and start healing.

These remedies were extracted from plants, such as shrubs, which are not poisonous. Then the required materials gathered from these plants would be heated before being taken through the process of exposure to sunlight. The best flowers were those which had not been exposed to too much sunlight during the growth process. The first thing to do with twigs was boiling. It was rather difficult to extract essences from them. Sometimes all the processes could be carried out on the same container. These processes included heating, boiling and crushing. The choice of these processes depended on the kind of the natural element to be used in the extraction process.

Bach flowers which were used in this way were very safe. They were free of any form of addiction. They were also non-toxic. They could be easily used together with other forms of treatments without resulting in side-effects. They were therefore naturally holistic in nature.

Bach flowers have always been used in accordance to the psychological dictates of the user. They are used in response to the mental threshold of an individual. The main aim is to clear negative emotional influences that sometimes come in the way of various medically accepted forms of treatment. The personality of the individual ought to enable him go through a faster healing process. This is clearly demonstrated through the manner in which an individual responds to a query on the healing progress after taking a certain drug.

At last there was a drug that handled the mindset and corrected it towards the right path. The individual now could be a participant in the healing process, rather than a passive onlooker. Prior to this, he could be even less than an onlooker. The doctors failed to mention anything to do with the reason behind what was being done to him. Mount Vernon, where Dr. Bach did his researches, is known as Bach Centre.

Tom Vermeersch is a psychologist and certified Bach Flower consultant with more than 25 years experience in working with Bach Flower remedies, and a developer of several proven and very successful Bach Flower combinations.

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