A Little HD Camera for Big Results

September 24, 2016

Guerrilla Filmmaking

With so many social media outlets available on the Internet these days, anyone has the ability to showcase their artistic talents.  Since the advent of Myspace and Facebook, it seems that filmmaking has become a major interest for people around the world.  Since those two sights came into operation, countless other social networking web pages have popped up.  Of course, the big two were not the first places online for people to share videos.  In fact, there were many sights available to do so.  Myspace and Facebook simply brought the phenomenon to the mainstream.  The websites, however, are not the only reason sharing videos online has gained so much popularity.  Parents and children alike appreciate the opportunity to show off their family or their talents.  The technological advancement of the HD camera has provided people with the opportunity to capture all of the biggest moments in life and share them with the world.

It used to be that in order to film an event, a person had to lug around massive amounts of equipment.  There were extra batteries, tripods, video cassettes, and of course, a video camera twice the size of a football.  If someone wanted to film their child’s baseball game or school play, they would have to arrive early enough to set up all of their equipment.  Due to the size of video recorders back then, they would most likely have to stand in the back of the room so as not to obstruct the vision of the other parents.  However, with the size of the HD camera today, parents can simply sit down, pull their recorder from their pocket, press On, and begin filming.  The convenient size also allows for parents to focus more on their child’s performance than on whether or not they may be bothering others.  This generally makes for a better experience for the parents and a higher quality video as well.

Of course, these new camcorders are not just for the adults.  Kids and teenagers can enjoy them as well.  Since they are not nearly as delicate or complicated as the old video recorders, anyone has the ability to operate one.  What is great too, is that the videos are generally uploaded to a computer almost immediately after filming.  This way, there is never a worry that an old recording of your daughter’s first dance recital will not be recorded over by a video of your teenage son landing kickflips on his skateboard.  

The old days of filmmaking were expensive too.  While the price of certain recording devices has not dropped significantly, the availability of affordable options has increased dramatically.  It is no longer necessary to spend top dollar to begin shooting home movies.  There is an HD camera out there for everyone from a total beginner to the experienced filmmaker.  As opposed to everyone needing big, bulky, expensive equipment, average consumers have the ability to find a smaller, high quality recorder that fits in pant pockets or purse and will still shoot great videos for a fraction of the price.  

While online networking has done wonders for the world of video sharing, it is the HD camera that should really be praised.  The advancements made in the last decade have been truly astounding and have put the power to film every one of life’s most important moments in the palm of anyone’s hand.  These devices will literally go anywhere you want them to go.  From a family vacation to Hawaii, to a child’s elementary school play, or up to the highest mountain to capture video of your son or daughter’s first jump on a snowboard, you will be able to record it all.  With the innovations that have been made, you will never have to miss capturing any of the family adventures again.

Sandy Winslow is a writer on many topics, including family activities. With the size, precision and clarity of an HD camera, it is easier than ever to capture life’s most important moments.

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