American Dimes Coins – Epic Journey Till 19th Century

September 24, 2016

Goona-goona Epic

The design of American dimes coins went through further changes letter on. Here’s a glimpse of their background through history.

Draped Bust

This design earmarked the beginning of American dimes coins, since this was the dime circulated first time ever by the US government. Making its debut in 1796, this design featured obverse and reverse identical to that of all other coins in circulation at that time.

The Draped Bust design was alternatively known as Small Eagle. Robert Scot was the designer. Draped Bust came out as his brain child when he was the Chief Engraver of the then US mint.

However the Liberty on this dime’s obverse was greatly inspired by Gilbert Stuart’s drawing that featured famous Philadelphia fashion expert Ann W. Bingham. The dime’s reverse featured a little Eagle enclosed with branches of olive and palm.

Interestingly at that time, only the cent, along with the half cent were supposed to feature their denominations. That is why Draped Bust design didn’t include any value sign.

Capped Bust

Then came the time of Capped Bust dimes in 1825. Thus Capped Bust was the successor of Draped Bust. The design of the Capped Bust was made by John Reich, the Assistant Engraver of then Mint. The obverse as well as the reverse of the previous design was enormously changed. Capped Bust featured the Bald Eagle holding 3 arrows (this symbolized strength) and the olive branch that symbolized peace.

Eagle’s chest was however covered by an American shield that included 6 horizontal lines along with 13 stripes upright. For the first time in American history, a time included its value. The dime’s reverse had the  Also on the reverse is the calligraphy that read “10C.”

Seated Liberty

Christian Gobrecht finally came up with a unique design for this dime. This dime’s obverse was just what being used on every circulating American silver coin at that time. After subsequent changes, you see an obverse featuring the Liberty sitting onto a rock. The reverse was simple, as it featured an inscription of “ONE DIME” bordered by a nice wreath.

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