An Epic Arrested Development Marathon on Satellite TV

September 24, 2016

Goona-goona Epic

Satellite TV viewers might grow tired of the marathons which seem to always be popping up.  Talking heads taking you through the ‘best of the ’80s’ or some other topic can be amusing for an hour or so, but beyond that they can make you feel brain-dead. On the other hand, if you have gotten a satellite TV package for your home, you have no excuse.  With all of the On Demand and HD DVR features, you can set up your own marathons.  Here are five Arrested Development episodes to include to keep things funny.


1. “My Mother, the Car.”  Lucille Bluth is widely known as the ‘World’s Worst Driver’ and she shows off her skills during this episode.  The surprise party that Michael has organized for Lucille is a failure because no one in the family shows up (they forgot).  On the way home from a second attempt at the party, Lucille decides to run a man in a Segway off the road, assuming it to be her son GOB.  Watching her blame the accident on her unconscious son is one of the real treats of the series.  Many say that the character of Lucille rivals GOB’s for best in the show.


2. “Pier Pressure.”  This episode may have been the first to introduce the Hot Cops, GOB’s stripper friends who dress as uniformed police officers when they head out to a gig.  All sorts of confusion is on the menu during this one, which finds the clueless Buster asking young George Michael find him some pot for Lucille II, who suffers from vertigo.  The scene on the dock at the end is the ultimate payoff for fans of the show.


3. “Key Decisions.”  Will Arnett’s GOB character is one of the show’s highlights, and indeed one of the best on any of the satellite TV series.  GOB shows off his skills in art of illusions in this episode, when he enters the prison where his father is being held in order to escape.  All he needs to do is pass the key that he swallowed.  Fans of GOB will marvel at the creativity he shows in getting out of the penitentiary.


4. “Switch Hitter.”  There might be a number of reasons for GOB’s poor development as a human being, but in this episode it is revealed that George Sr. not playing ball with young GOB could be one of them.  GOB has talent for hitting, something which rival Sitwell recognizes on the eve of the annual softball game with the Bluth family.  Will GOB’s presence on the Sitwell team (company) drive the family apart?


5. “The Immaculate Election.”  GOB gets another showcase in this episode, in which George Michael is pressured by his father to run for school president.  Fearing a humiliating defeat is in store for his son, Michael asks GOB to run a smear campaign against favorite Steve Holt.  Make sure to cue this episode up on your HD DVR if you see a showing and you don’t have time to see it.


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