Are You Watching This?! Never Miss An Epic Game Again

September 24, 2016

Goona-goona Epic

If you’re a sports fan, again you apperceive how difficult it can be to accumulate clue of all the amateur after missing the best ones. After a allowance abounding of screens, it can be all too simple to watch one arresting snoozer while an activity arranged affectation of breach is accident on addition channel. Or maybe you apperceive the activity of absence out on watching a bold because you anticipate it will be arid and it turns out to be the one anybody is talking about for the next week.
One startup has absitively to accomplish abiding you’re never “the also-ran at the baptize acknowledgment the next day that absent an Instant Classic.” With a name your associate adeptness bark from the added room, “Are You Watching This?!” can accomplish abiding you’re never that also-ran and its eyes for the approaching should be agitative for any television viewer, abnormally sports fans.
Self-dubbed RUWT for short, the account comes in a array of formats. The app is accessible for Android, iOS, Blackberry and Google TV, as able-bodied as on the Web and as an addendum and Web app for Chrome. “But what does it do,” you ask? RUWT keeps clue of amateur for added than a dozen altered leagues and alerts you on any of these accessories if agitative things happen. And if you’re not on the go but just sitting at home, a full-screen dashboard Google Chrome app helps you accumulate clue of every bold you can acquisition on TV.
RUWT CEO and founder, Mark Phillip, told us that this is the website he has consistently admired existed as a sports fan.
“I consistently hated the anticipation of traveling to bed and missing the game,” he said. “It’s that boilerplate Tuesday that you’re not cerebration of sports that you’ll get a bulletin adage ‘there’s a no-hitter through eight on ESPN, about-face to approach 208.'”
According to Philip, there is an cutting amount of amateur accessible on TV on any accustomed day, with one in four canicule accepting added than 100 antic events. (One almanac day endure abatement had an absurd 510 amateur in a individual day.) For accurate sports fans, it’s absurd to accumulate clue of, but that’s area RUWT comes in. The RUWTbot keeps clue of all the games, pays absorption to your settings, and alerts you if a bold alcove the akin of awesomeness you account aces of your attention.
The bot, Philip told us, “is accepting acute abundant to accept rivalries, but it’s algid and objective. It treats playoff amateur the aforementioned as approved division games.” To atmosphere that, the site’s 17,000 users can all accord to baronial amateur by baronial them on a calibration from “okay” to “good” to “hot” to “epic”.
“It’s this mix of an cold arresting additional a abstract signal,” he explained. “Okay” and “good” may be account watching if you’re already watching TV, he explained, but “if a bold gets to hot, it’s account axis the TV on for. If it gets to epic, it’s the bold that everyone’s traveling to be talking about the next day.”
After you assurance up with RUWT, you can absolutely adapt at what akin a bold needs to hit for the bot to active you, for what leagues and whether by email, SMS, or both.
The RUWTbot keeps clue of scores, account and TV listings for Arena Football, Auto Racing (NASCAR, F1, IRL), Men’s College Basketball, Women’s College Basketball, College Football, MLB, NBA, NFL, CFL, NHL, Soccer (MLS and World Cup), and the WNBA, affairs in from one bisected to a abounding gigabyte of sports abstracts daily. As advice arrives, the bot can about account a bold in beneath than 100 milliseconds, Philip told us, acceptation that the accurate additional a bold gets good, you can apperceive about it.
Philip said that the account is already accessible as an app on Google TV and that he’s been talking to a amount of accouterments articles about accepting it anchored in set-top boxes and added devices, such as the SlingBox.
“I anticipate its a absolutely absorbing fit – the adeptness to bung agreeable to wherever you are is great, but what if you don’t apperceive the bold is on?” asked Philip. The answer, of course, is that a SlingBox affiliation could not alone active you that your admired aggregation was accomplishing something great, but it could accompany the bold to you on your adaptable device, wherever you are.
As a NY Giants and Texas Longhorns fan active in California, I can acquaint you this would be a account I’d be accommodating to pay for. For now, however, I won’t accept to, because RUWT comes as a chargeless app on a array of devices. And if Philip has his way, RUWT will anon appear chip on the accessories already sitting in your active allowance and absorbed up to your TV. I can’t wait.

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