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September 24, 2016

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Over the last century cinema has played a very important role in popular culture, combining visual media, soundtrack, and dialogue to mix together three of the biggest components of art: visual art, music and prose. However, with all the attention given to feature length films, short film is often overlooked. In fact, short movies which last in short time duration often own its extremely meaningful content including humanity, love, parenthood, and so on. Let’s have a look at the best short films in the world:

1. The Piano

The Piano, directed by Aidan Gibbons, is a touching retrospective of an old man’s life, based around the evocative imagery created by his piano playing.


The piano



2. Ten Minutes

“Ten minutes” is a short film by Ahmed Imamovic and takes place in Sarajevo, Bosnia and Rome, Italy. “Ten minutes” was also ranked as Europe’s best short film and a very moving, brilliantly filmed film.


“Ten minutes”


3. Cashback

“Cashback” is the name of two films directed by Sean Ellis including a 2004 short film and a 2006 feature film. Both of them were produced by Lene Bausager, starring Sean Biggerstaff, Michelle Ryan and Emilia Fox. Moreover, this film was awarded as the short film won 14 awards at international film festivals and was nominated for the 2006 Academy Award for Live Action Short Film.





4. Please

Before 300, Gerard Butler was the star of this award-winning short film, starring as a the protagonist in this emotional film. It is also an amazing film, and it is in no way difficult to see why it has won awards.



5. Kiwi

This short film is about the story of the little bird that follows the plight of a kiwi and shows that even the biggest of dreams can be realized.





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