BJJ Manifesto Ebook Review

September 24, 2016

Film Manifesto

I’ve been waiting for the release of this book as it has been discussed a lot on the Sherdog forums, my favorite site when it comes to martial arts. I am practicing BJJ since three and a half years, but I don’t consider myself a tournament or hardcore fighter. I practice three to four times a week just for the fun of it.

The BJJ Manifesto is written by Matt Arroyo and Rob Kahn. In case you’ve never heard about them, here’s a quick introduction which shows what they’ve accomplished in their fighting career. Matt Arroyo is a former UFC Fighter who got his black belt in December 2009, whereas Rob Kahn is not only Matt’s coach, but also a black belt under legendary Royce Gracie – They also run their own BJJ school and I think this speaks for itself. Although both are not international high-level fighters, the guys over at Sherdog had only good things to tell about them.

The book focuses on BJJ strategy and costs $ 47. It has only 42 pages so it might sound quite expensive at first. But it also includes twelve embedded videos which show examples of every strategy and 45 minutes bonus footage of extra techniques. Personally, I think the price is fair, as the videos have excellent quality and the strategies and techniques are really very good explained – even if you’re a beginner you will have no problems to get the point of each strategy. If you’re semi-pro fighter, you might already know most of it but I found the book very helpful and good. I’ve spent more on DVDs which claimed to show secret hidden techniques but only demonstrated variations of the basics.

So in my opinion the BJJ manifesto is worth checking out, as Matt and Rob offer a 60 day money back guarantee. You preview and purchase the book here.

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