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September 24, 2016

Reality Film

Your vision floats slowly out the window of your modest 500sqft studio, of the shabby-sheik 4 story walk up on the lower east side of Manhattan. Your eyes carry you just south of St Marks place and directly onto the city street where professional talent from all corners of the world and all genres like modeling, acting, theater performance, comedians, and singers alike, rush past you moving swiftly on the way to their dreams. Is it an opening to the latest Indy film at the Tribeca Film Festival, perhaps? No, not actually. It’s just another day in New York City.

But, it isn’t all about Bohemian pursuits. The reality is, not all people who work in the film and television industry want to be big stars. Many really just, want to be working actors or models and they aren’t willing to sacrifice everything for a shot at seeing their name in the Bright Lights of the Big City. If you are realistic about the types of opportunities you have access to, you can find your place in the business. It takes a healthy dose of reality and an organized effort to build your own personal brand identity.

We are at an explosive time when it comes to the media landscape in this country and around the world for that matter. This may not be the best economic climate for any business, but its one of the most opportunistic times for the talent industry in all of my professional life. Professional Media is replicating faster than the very serious Swine Flu Pandemic, and that is creating opportunities for professional talent at all levels of the business to get involved and get connected to the industry.

Online communities like ours are dedicated to bringing fresh and highly credible content to the professional talent community. Take advantage of them each Week along with our blog which will be dedicated to sharing stories of inspiration, healthy doses of reality and a few shots of how to get yourself noticed in the film and television production industry. I invite you to follow along.

About the Author: Hector V. Herrera is an award winning producer of film and television projects. He is co-creator of Real Savvy Moms currently in its 5th season on Public Television. He is a brand visionary and a driving force behind the creative mindset of The Digital Couch. For more information visit…

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