Caroline Trentini in Desert Dance

October 13, 2014

Dance Film

Dance Film
Image by katbaulu
Dancer Anne Plamondon

Caroline Trentini is well-known as a Brazilian fashion model. Her modeling career started quite early at the age of 15 in an accidental way. The Italian and German descent girl was caught walking down the street in her home town by an agent – the one had scouted supermodel Gisele before. The blonde-haired, green-eyed beauty made a great breakthrough when Marc Jacobs cast her in his Marc by Marc Jacobs ad campaign. Caroline’s charming beauty was photographed topless by Steven Klein in a freezer, surrounded by meat for a Vogue US editorial in 2004. Since then, Caroline quickly became the spots at shows of famous brands including Louis Vuitton, Chanel, Christian Dior and Calvin Klein. Besides her professionalism, Caroline’s trendy elfish look and freckles have been marked as her trademarks.


In November 2010, Caroline Trentini is the dynamic figure on the cover page of fashion magazine Elle Brazil. In the new photo series of November 2010, Caroline Trentini was shot in a stark desert by photographers Zee Nunes and Andre Katopodis. The featured clothes are ensembles rich in detail and striking colors. Thanks to this, the new supermodel looks naturally native in lackluster dusty surroundings.


The embellishment of the shoot highlights her baby doll face.


Amazing Moroccan inspired images will warm you up.


Caroline Trentini’s professional career began in an accidental way.


Is this a dance of desert?


Caroline Trentini was photographed by Zee Nunes & Andre Katopodis


Caroline Trentini is the dynamic figure on the cover page of fashion magazine Elle


Caroline Trentini looks naturally native in bold-printed dresses and sequin pants


Caroline Trentini was shot in a stark desert



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