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August 19, 2014


Image from page 11 of “Training for the trenches; a book of humorous cartoons on a serious subject” (1917)
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Identifier: trainingfortrenc00butl
Title: Training for the trenches; a book of humorous cartoons on a serious subject
Year: 1917 (1910s)
Authors: Butler, Alban B. (Alban Bernard), b. 1891
Subjects: Caricatures and cartoons
Publisher: New York, Palmer Publishing Company

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Text Appearing Before Image:
First aid in the lower left-tiand corner. One comrade is listening to the action of the patients Ingersoll,while the other is applying mucilage ^o give him a stiff upper lip. No, that is not the dear old right-handladys visiting card. Its a pie. Further West, the plump one is asserting with heat: Sure, thats a humanfoot. The dog, whose name doesnt matter, is exchanging confidences with one of his masters visitors.

Text Appearing After Image:
Upper left splash—Scene at the popular military resort Comeon Inn. Next—You cant judge music by the wathe singer wears his face. Step down to the left—Encouraging patriotism and utilizing the natural resource3f the country. Dress by the right—Many a stern exterior goes with a kind heart and a great yearning t?et out of tight boots.

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Cartoon Snoopy Snoopy file Name: Snoopy Birthday: October 2, 1950

Owner: Charlie? Cloth Long Best friend: woodstock Favorite food: Ice cream The most annoying thing: doctor Favorite sports: tennis ?? 1950 10 2 born. “Peanuts” cartoons first published in seven U.S. dailies. Snoopy debut.

? 1958 began to learn to walk with your feet

? 1966 kennel fire, the parties to an avalanche of condolence letter

? 1967 years and owner of Charlie? Brown boarded the “LIVE” magazine cover, and the Broadway stage performances

? 1969 Snoopy and Charlie? Brown boarded the Apollo 10 space flight Ship

? 1981 Snoopy and his sister reunited Pei Lu

? 1987 Snoopy skating in a hospital bed

? 1990 organized by the Louvre in Paris, “popular Snoopy” Exhibition

? 1992 in Minnesota, built in the United States largest indoor “Peanuts” theme park.

? 1995 year “Peanuts” comic official website formal access to the Internet.

? 1996 Masters Boulevard in Hollywood, Walt? Disney More star next to: Snoopy father?? Charles? Schultz.

? 1999 in Ohio, an area of 364 acres of “Peanuts” theme park built.

?? 2000 1 1st, Snoopy father?? Charles? Stopped writing Schultz said. Schulz died on February 12, at the age of 77.

? 2003 7, the world’s largest “Snoopy” theme park in Shunde, the foundation, which means that China will become the “Snoopy” and second home abroad.

Snoopy in 50 years, not only a household name in the United States, but also abroad and within the world well known! It set a series of brilliant record: 75 countries worldwide popularity; more than 2,600 newspapers worldwide serial; were issued 300 million, “Peanuts” comic books, with 355 million readers, was Translation Into 21 languages; was adapted for 50 Cartoon And many awards, Package Including five Emmy Awards; have tens of thousands of images with Snoopy merchandise into the world of millions of households. History of efforts

father?? Schultz thus the two highest awards the Comics Arts, “Reuben Award” and received the French Medal of Arts, the Italian government awarded the “Cultural Achievement Award.” He also was former U.S. President Ronald? Reagan interview, Clinton gave him highly. He is the richest cartoonist in history (about 28 million U.S. dollars of the family property).

? Snoopy 56 Years 56 years ago, on Oct. 2, is Snoopy’s birthday, on that day, Charles? Schulz’s “Peanuts” series was born, although such a thoughtful, considerate dog in comfort Wurtz died, stopped its advance, but Daisy Hill puppy farm it came from the village of peanuts the 56 years, brought people joy memorable enough to make repeated: “Happiness is a warm puppy! “??

? Refused to admit he was a dog

? In 1960, Snoopy not without dignity fours, but with legs to walk, it began to think independently. Snoopy wants to be everything, except “dog.” Although Lucy danced after it dared: This girl danced nice, unfortunately, not dogs! But apart from this very occasionally, it is generally believed that “dog” is indeed an animal with its irrelevant. A comic book as evidence: when it’s owner Charlie? Brown said: “Snoopy, you watch the boy threw a branch, it’s dog will run past it Diao back.” Snoopy says nothing , picked up a branch on throwing out, and then look at its owner. Another time, Charlie? Brown Snoopy when the newspaper said: “The newspaper said the dog show is being run. You do not want to participate in dog shows in the past.” Snoopy thought: “how do I participate ah, I had a dog does not support ah! “

? To further prove that they are not “dog” Snoopy and a secretary, an often forget to fly back home to migratory birds, it is to teach it to play tennis, and it is slipped into the states with the “dog and Birds not be admitted “in the library.

? Be infinite rejected writer ?? Snoopy like to use a typewriter to write fiction, writing diligently, hoping to become a writer. “It was a dark stormy night … …” This is it the beginning of the novel, only the beginning, a beginning of perseverance. It is good at thinking, to accept the views of others, often worship of his own came up with “ideas”, kept submission, again and again to be returned, but still optimistic, etc. Press Tim sent the royalties to their point “fun.”

? Snoopy received such a rejection letter: “Dear Contributor: We received your latest manuscript. Why should we send it to us? Us in the end you did what?”

? And such rejection letter: “Dear contributors: If you re submissions, we will go to your house you Zoubian up.”

? Or such rejection letter: “Dear Contributor: now back to your boring stories. Please note that we do not give your return address. We have moved to a new office. We do not want you to know our current address. “

? There such a rejection letter: “Dear Contributor: Thank you for your submission has not been recently, which is in line with our current needs.”

? Dreams thought bubble ?? From Snoopy body, people can see their shadow?? Always faced with “the gap between dreams and reality.” Snoopy was pretty stubborn, which stick to their ideals, and relentlessly fight. It has strong curiosity and strong imitation ability, it considers itself an art connoisseur, often imagine that he is a courageous pilot, and become a hero in the battle … …

? Pen in Schultz, Snoopy is not talking, is “want”. It all points of view through “thought bubbles” Table Reach out, but it can understand what people say, while the comics are “classic”, then all that it “think” out. In its eyes, human and sometimes funny, but it is not in a

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