CG Animation in Film Industry & How to be a CG Animator

October 1, 2014

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In this age of CG animation and media, it is easy for one to easily sort out the importance of computer graphics not only in movies and Television Series, but also in advertisement and short films. Besides, CG is also used in print or screen media, animation, video games, medical representation, product prototype, automobile industry, architectural designing industry, etc.

For media and entertainment industry, computer graphics not only helps these industries in displaying the scenes that may be dangerous for the actors but also helps them to portray the scenes that are impossible to create due to logistical or financial problems. CG animation has become the must need of huge budget movies, especially Hollywood Films. These movie producers that have huge budget hires professional CG animation studio for special effects, and creating the CG scene that they always wanted. Amongst the most popular ones are Disney’s, Pixar and George Lucas’s Industrial Light and Magic or more commonly known as ILM. These visual effect companies and studios have created enormous amount of eye-catching scenes in Hollywood Movies. Movies like Transformers, Star Trek, Avatar, and even animation movies such as Shrek, Kung Fu Panda, Final Fantasy movie series, etc.; all could be the perfect examples.

For those who are interested to learn CG software have to understand that there are many software applications available in the market that can help the learners, students as well as the professional CG artists in that field. All of these software applications may range from few hundred dollars to couple of thousand dollars. For a new learner, it is always advisable to go for the one which is the cheapest and start with the basics of CG animation.

Two of the most popular commercially available software applications are Maya and 3DS Max. Both of them are produced by the same company, Autodesk. However, both of them are equally good and none of them have options and tools which could be similar. Besides, both these software applications are quiet expensive and costs about $ 3,500.00. Fortunately, there are few open source alternatives also available out there, which can also be helpful by aiding the beginners. Blender is such CG animation software which is based on open source platform and is available for free of charge from their website. It is available for all the major Oss including Windows, Mac OS X, and Linux.

One may think that best step towards learning CG animation is by investment and enrolling into a CG course. Others may prefer to learn it themselves. Apparently, there are tens of thousands of free tutorials on the internet about CG animation. Anything can be learned easily by just searching from a variety of CG dedicated websites on the internet. Even people from totally different careers can learn easily from such websites.

Once you are familiar with all the CG processes including texturing, painting, lighting, rigging, modelling and animation in such free software applications, it will not be difficult for you start your career to be a successful CG animator.

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