Chick Magnet Review – Women are attracted to guys who have confidence

October 3, 2014

Chick Flick

Women will tell you that they’re attracted to guys who have confidence, confidence, confidence. A good sense of humour, and a guy who is relaxed just being himself.

“Good sense of humour” really just means “compatible with hers”. But what do they mean by confidence? How do you develop it? And what the heck does “be yourself” mean. How is that supposed to help? I’d been “being myself” my whole life, and it still hadn’t given me the success with women I wanted. Read a full insiders review here
Pretty Blonde Girl in a Bikini, like the ones you will soon be attracting

When I looked back at everything I did to become naturally attractive to women, the activities all fell into two categories: those related to changing my mindset, and those that helped me develop the skillset, that together makes a man irresistibly attractive to women. It’s about being a well rounded man that women will flock to like a magnet.

Your mindset is the most important element of all. What you believe about yourself deep down in your subconscious is absolutely pivotal to your success with women. If you think you can’t attract the women you want… then you can’t. If you think you can, then you can. It’s both as simple, and as complex as that.

A lot of books, workshops and courses will promise to change your mindset. I know, because I’ve read and attended them. Most of it is hot air. The thing about your subconscious mindset is that it’s not going to change just because you tell it to. Our core beliefs are driven much deeper than that. Cognitive solutions alone are not enough. You need to actually do something in order to change your mindset, and you need to start experiencing different and more positive results than what you have in the past, in order for the changes to stick.

The program in my book tells you step-by-step what to do in order to change your all-important subconscious mindset, with just enough theory so you know it’s not just new age mumbo jumbo.


Read a full insiders review about Chick Magnet

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