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May 27, 2014

Historical Fiction

DGJ_4449 – Prince Henry Sinclair Monument and Park Monument – Reality or Fiction
Historical fiction
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This monument commemorates the landing of the Prince Henry Sinclair Expedition. The Prince Henry Sinclair Society of North The united states believe he landed at Chedabucto Bay in 1398. The monument was erected on November 17, 1996. It is a fifteen-ton granite boulder with a black granite narrative plaque found at Halfway Cove on Rt. sixteen in Guysborough County, Nova Scotia.

The monument is in a scenic picnic location with interpretive panels and offers a panoramic see of Chedabucto Bay.

It is 1398 and the fleet sails from Orkney on a voyage funded by the Templars to the New World. On board are Prince Henry Sinclair, Lord of Rosslyn, and the Zeno brothers, renowned Venetian sailors.

One hundred a long time before Christopher Columbus uncovered The usa they arrived at Nova Scotia exactly where Templar architecture and the oral historical past of the Mi’kmaq Indians are all that continue to be to notify us of this voyage. Prince Henry’s loss of life soon following returning to Orkney meant that news of his epic journey was misplaced for hundreds of years.

To claim that a Scottish Knight Templar very first landed in North The usa is an enormous re-create of historical past – or it would be if there wasn’t a large query mark hanging over the historical proof.

Consequences of Taking away God from The united states
Progressivism and secularism: what when outlined our country is not the identical as what defines it these days. Historical fiction “Twenty Thirty-Three” by conservative Christian James A. Turner addresses the downfalls of secularism and progressivism in America,&nbsp…
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