Cooking With Chef Hannibal the Cannibal

May 2, 2014

Cannibal Film

I Heart Human Hearts
Cannibal Film
Graphic by Aleks Ivic
Continuing my sequence of 80’s Horror themed posters….. this a single came to me considering about a Prequel to my last poster, &quotThe Manhattan Meathook Massacre: Confessions of a Cannibalistic Necrophile&quot. This movie is fundamentally &quotThe Wonders Many years&quot of a Cannibal but without Kevin Arnold :)

I was trapped on the title for a while but what just hit me was just to spin off the &quotI Coronary heart NY&quot tourism campaign.

Again, an all star 80’s forged but made a decision to incorporate some Television set Sitcom actors like Tony Danza from &quotWho’s the Manager&quot and Conrad Bain from &quotDifferent Strokes&quot.

Cooking With Chef Hannibal the Cannibal
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