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September 24, 2016

Films And Movie Memorabilia

Are you a big fan of world cinema? Are you an avid fan of movies? If yes, then I am sure you are interested in cult films. Let us discuss a film which became a rage in the early fifties and is still ruling movie viewers list still now. The name of the classic cult film is Peeping Tom. The name of the title may suggest voyeurism but I can assure you it is not at all an adult film. This cult movie was released way back in 1960 and was critically penned down and savaged by film critics but even fifty years later it is still considered as a masterpiece among the movie lovers.

Micheal Powell who was the lead actor of the movie was essaying the role of a serial killer but British cinema at the time of its release had derogatorily written off his infamous roles as exploitative and nasty at parts. Even Leo Marks script whose ultimate aim was to provide shocking realism as he himself camera obsessed odd person was critically remarked.

The cult films Peeping Tom was filled with Freudian symbolism as it lay bare the inbuilt dark impulses that are required while making and viewing a classic and shocking horror cult movie. This movie was really creepy but it never went out of the style and it is one of those British movies which have remained always controversial in the history of world cinema. The director and the lead actor Micheal Powell did a commendable job of portraying the role of peeping Toms father. He is portrayed as a psycho who uses his son in his experiment of fears and unfortunately the son turns up to be a psychotic killer when he grows up. The best part of this cult movie is that it vividly portrays the fear of death in the face of the victims at the time of demise. This commendable work could only be done by the director who was basically a cameraman by trade and whose other major works include the movie The Red Shoes. The manner in which he weaves the story is quite ingenious and it also deals with the subject of voyeurism in a detailed manner which makes the film more popular among the masses and movie goers.

There is a lot to explore in the world of cult cinema, and movie buffs never tire of the choices available to them. These films can be of varying genres, from comedy to horror, romance to action. So theres something for all kinds of audiences.

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