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September 24, 2016

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Located on Jalan Damansara, Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia is one of the city’s foremost possessions – The National Museum, situated among a number of attractions and in close proximity to the Perdana Lake and picturesque Gardens in its vicinity provides the perfect ambience to Malaysia’s history, tradition and culture.

The exterior of the National Museum also known as Muzium Negara is decorated with illustrious designs and ancient murals built in a Rumah Gadang style. This architecture houses a number of elements that include traditional Malay and modern features. The Museum was established and opened to the public in 1963 and thus it has been a tourist attraction to the world.

This repository that boasts Malaysia’s rich culture, tradition life and historical life is a three storied palatial building of 109.7 meters long and 15.1 meters wide and houses four main galleries arranged from ethnology to natural history. While at the museum, you will come across a variety of montages showing off cultural events, festivals, weddings, traditional costumes, weapons, arts and crafts, musical instruments, ceramics, currency, economic activities, flora and fauna are just some of the many features here.

With each floor, its own theme is depicted. The ground floor at the museum showcases some of Malaysia’s foremost historical elements dating back to the Stone Age. The second floor is dedicated to the colonial history of Malaysia. The National Museum that conducts occasional foreign exhibitions is an experience to discover.

Some of the other attractions and galleries you will come across will be the National Sports Gallery and the Natural History Gallery, among these galleries are the outdoor displays such as the transportation sections that expose the ancient and modern transport facilities used by people. Another fascinating attraction within the vicinity is the original-sized Terengganu timber palace also known as Istana Satu. The palace that speaks rich craftsmanship with its wood carvings and murals is another majestic building to see, while at the Museum.

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