Divorces caused By Reality TV

September 24, 2016

Reality TV

Many people think that reality show can bring them true love or make their love more well-known. However, in contrast, it is reality show that is one of main causes for breaking up of some famous couples in the world of  ntertainment. To see this more clearly, we will come to the famous relationships that are broken by reality shows. 


The marriage of Britney Spears and Kevin Ferline in late 2004 has gotten great concern for many people. Any event in their private lives can be become hot topics on the newspapers, magazines as well as on the Internet. And one day, Brit and K-Fed made a surprising decision to publish information about their lives. The UPN series Britney & Kevin: Chaotic were produced in 1 month to reflect the famous young couple’s daily activities as well as conflicts in life. Many people thought that their relationships would end soon, however, until 2 years later, after having 2 babies Brit declared they were separated.


In the field of music, Nick Lachey and Jessica Simpson were regard as an ideal couple. Newlyweds: Nick and Jessica was a show that was produced and aired by MTV. It followed the lives of husband and wife Nick and Jessica. The show first aired in August 2003 and lasted in three seasons, with 41 episodes in total. The last season started on January 26, 2005, and the lastepisode aired on March 30, 2005. Simpson and Lachey were married on October 26, 2002 and filed for divorce on December 16, 2005. On June 30, 2006 Jessica and Nick’s divorce was finalized. At that time, Nick had already started dating Vanessa Minnilo and Jessica soon has a close relationship with John Mayer.


Hogan Knows Best was a show produced by Pink Sneakers Productions and focused on the family life of professional wrestling legend Hulk Hogan. After running two years, his wife Linda Hogan came to decision to break up with Hulk because he had an affair with their daughter Brooke’s friend, Christiane Palnte. Then, Hulk Hogan issued a book tiled “My Life Outside the Ring” in which he had revealed his own life, drug use, depression, divorce inclusive.


Peter Andre and Katie Price, a model and a singer met in 2004 on a reality television game show, I’m A Celebrity…Get Me Out of Here! After marrying in September, 2005, they took part in “The Katie & Peter series”, a series of ITV2 shows including a fly-on-the-wall reality series and a short lived late-night chat show. At the last moments of their final episode, Katie stated that she and Peter had separated in May and divorced in September.


In late 2004, The Blink 182 drummer Travis Barker and former Miss USA Shanna Moakler, were married and a year later, their family appeared in the “Meet the Barkers”, a reality television series that was aired on MTV. The series followed the everyday life of married couple Travis Barker and Shanna Moakler, and their three children. Six months after the series ended, Barker filed for divorce from Moakler on August 8, 2006.



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