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September 24, 2016

Vampire Film

In human imagination, vampires and ancient vampire symbols have always been supernatural and mystery. This power belongs to the dark and attracts the human psyche. The vampires are the most horrible character that everyone fear, not only children.

Many of us like to experiment with the unexplored and the unknown, which is why scary vampire tattoos are very popular among teenagers. Gothic and vampire tattoos can make all your illusions seem more realistic. If you are fascinated with the history and identity of Count Dracula, getting vampire tattoos to reflect this interest of yours may just be a good idea!

Vampires are mythological creatures; they are the creatures brought back from the dead to live a dreadful life where they can only survive by consuming blood. Vampire tattoos gained popularity due to the emergence of the Goth culture. Vampires symbolize dead humans with unfulfilled wishes, these tattoos to gothic people signify the wish to re-make or to re-live.

There are various types of vampire art for vampire tattoos, in this article we provide you with adequate information about the various types of vampire art for tattoos, to give you a better idea on which type will suit your tattoo needs.

Vampire bites: a vampire bite is also called a vampire kiss, this tattoo sports two puncture marks on your neck. The puncture holes look fresh and seem to be oozing blood. Although it gives a very nice effect, this tattoo is usually done on the side of your neck making it hard for you to hide it. If you want to get a vampire bite done on your body, think of alternate locations other than your neck, where it stays hidden during working hours.

Vampire skulls: vampire skulls are also very popular; you can personalize these tattoos by adding your own imagination. Maybe add a snake to your skull or maybe a spider emerging from an empty eye socket. Webs are also a favorite detail used by many vampire art tattooists.

Bat wings: bats are an important part of the vampire lore; you can opt for bat wings on your back to bring that mystical feeling. A tattoo like this gives your tattoo artist a chance create very fine details making your design extremely special. You can color your bat wings if you want, even shading is a good option.

Tribal vampire designs: if you are looking for something less gothic, try tribal vampire tattoos. Add a single vampire element in the centre of your tattoo to give it that dark and mysterious feel. The possibilities are endless, do your research and dig up some designs you can associate with for that perfect vampire tattoo.

These are the various types of vampire tattoos that you can consider while choosing one as your own. Pick a tattoo and add that personal touch by customizing it your way. Sit down with your tattoo artist and create something new and innovative.

A tattoo is a form of expression, so why be common? .Why go with the same dull boring designs when you can go for something different and unique, go ahead and flirt a little with the dark side, get yourself a vampire tattoo today. The unknown is far more exciting and thought evoking, do you believe in real life vampire tattoos?




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