Does Dieting Make You Want to Scream? Keep Up Your Spirits While Shedding Pounds

September 24, 2016


One drawback of stopping a diet is the tendency of gaining back the weight you have laboriously endeavored to lose. This is particularly true in most weight-loss diets that rely on the theory of low-carbohydrates or low-fat. Studies have shown that psycho-emotional factors can be crucial. According to Dr. Maureen Mcguire, a researcher at University of Pittsburgh Medical School, those who regain weight are mostly vulnerable emotionally.

In a case study of people who lost minimum of 30 pounds, she found out that people who regained their weight have the tendency to have “cycle weight”, which made them lost and regained pounds more frequently than those who lost and maintained their weight.

When you look at them from the outside, they appear heavier and had maintained weight loss for lesser time, and were shedding off more pounds at another time than those who successfully sustained their weight down. Behavior wise, they manifested higher dietary voracity and depressive signs. On the other hand, people who were emotionally stable kept their weight longer during the beginning of the study. They also had a higher capacity to hold fast to a new dietary and exercise programs.

It holds common among most people to make eating as the outlet for mental and emotional stress, anxiety, disturbance or depressive episodes. Diet and health experts emphasized greatly the need to engage in more physical activities to shed off pounds. Activities that will keep your spirits high are excellent complementary components in shedding off pounds. Few examples are arts, music, sports and anything else that will bring out the creativity or the best in you.

While dieting can be good for shedding off pounds, having a backup program to uplift your spirits can be better to help you maintain the desired weight. Fluctuations on the weighing scale may not be healthy at times. Often, dieting does make people scream particularly when emotions and mood swings enter the scenario.

Now you want to have more energy, be Healthier, look Younger, lose weight, and cleanse your body, right?

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