Effects Of Television On Add/adhd Children

September 24, 2016

Children TV

Are you worried about your ADD/ADHD child watching too much television?

It is peculiar why children diagnosed with ADD/ADHD who are understandably hyperactive can concentrate in television shows or video games. Your ADD/ADHD child generally have longer attention span than anything else they do on TV.The probably can relate themselves to the heroes or villains being screened.

ADD / ADHD & The Worrying Trend

American teachers have persistently insisted that children who are exposed to excessive screen time which includes TV and video games had adversely affect their school performance. Television shows often inhibits children imaginative thinking because information are feed into their minds without them spending much effort in being creative.

Television shows could be the major culprit in contributing to the conditions of ADD/ADHD in children. Children who are often exposed to violence programs will often show hyperactivity symptoms. Heavy television viewers are often more hyperactive, impulsive and have difficulties in learning.

Parents As Action Takers

Having said that, are you as a parent or caregiver taking any actions to combat with the situation? Parents should limit a typical child’s screen time to less than 2 hours a day with some breaks in between. This ensures that children will spend more time in physical, academic or even social activities. Screen time for an ADD/ADHD child should be cut down even further.

You should also choose the type of shows which are suitable for children with good story content. Try to be by your child side to guide him or her the show being screen. Impart knowledge about the shows to your child. Teach good teachings!

Given the situation, you should seek proper avenues to treat the ADD/ADHD conditions before your child carry it to teenage years.

Treating ADD/ADHD

There are numerous ways to treat the condition such as over the counter remedies such as herb, caffeine, parenting classes, family classes, psychological counseling, neurotheraphy, acupuncture or homeopathic medicine. Each treatment method has its pros and cons, so it is critical to learn from Recognizing and Treating ADHD beforehand.

For parents who are serious about treating ADD/ADHD child, get extensive advice from Recognizing and Treating ADD/ADHD

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