Ejiofor and Elba connected to superhero film &#39Black Panther&#39

February 9, 2014

Superhero Film

Superhero change egos
Superhero film
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Sneak Peak at the Superheroes epsiode I’m currently functioning on (massive many thanks to the ABD bosses for allowing me to put up this on-line)

Ricoh XR-2s + Pentax SMC f1.four 50mm + Lomography XR redscale film + double publicity + each rated at ASA25

Typically I get between 1 and 5 keepers from a roll of 36…but this roll has produced at least fifteen. Truly loving the Ricoh now, much more so than the K1000 and MX. And the Lomography pre-rolled Redscale XR (400ASA) film is fantastic also – I know it really is straightforward to do, but this way there are no gentle leaks or scratches as there can be from self rolling.

Ejiofor and Elba linked to superhero film &#39Black Panther&#39
… starred in the Thor films as Heimdall. Black Panther has not however been provided an official launch day, but it is extensively rumoured the tale of T&#39Challa, who is the change ego of Black Panther, will occur out to superhero film followers. Posted on: 06/02 …
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