Flamerite Fires Enjoy all the Benefits of a Fire at the Flick of a Switch

October 1, 2014

Chick Flick

Open fires are very atmospheric and bring a real sense of cosiness to rooms. However they can cost you a lot of time and money. These days you can find much more economic and convenient options with Flamerite Fires.

These stunning electric fires offer flame effects that look just like the real thing. They work using electricity so you will be able to turn your fire on and off at just the flick of a switch. You can choose from freestanding, wall mounted and inserted options to find the perfect electric flame effect fire for your home.

Choose the Perfect Style

The great thing about Flamerite Fires is that they come in a wider range of styles and finishes. This helps you to choose the perfect electric fire for your home. You will be able to match and complement your existing décor or created a stunning impact in your room by choosing a more eye-catching option.

Whether you have live in an ultra-modern new build or ancient thatched cottage you will be able to find the right design to suit your home with Flamerite Fires.

Award Winning Design

Flamerite Fires have gained an impressive reputation for quality. This has enabled the manufacturer to spread from a UK only based company out into the rest of Europe, America, Australia and South Africa. The quality of the brand combined with the practical features, cutting edge design and easy installation has made Flamerite Fires a real winner. With a number of industry awards now under their belt the future looks bright for Flamerite Fires.

Future Proof Heating

The escalating costs of energy have made many people very nervous. It is now more expensive than ever to heat your home and energy prices are still rising. You need to choose economic, low energy ways to heat your home to help combat this increasing fuel price hikes.

• The great thing about Flamerite Fires is that they offer an economical option for heating rooms.

• These cutting edge designs can offer the very latest in energy saving features. Wastage is minimised and this means you are not burning any fuel unnecessarily when the fire is in operation.

• This will help you to reduce your heating bills and save energy.

• Electric fires are also ‘clean burning’. This means that that they do no pump any harmful gases or fumes into the environment.

• You will also not need to spend any money on additional supplies such as kindling, fire lighters or grate cleaning products. You simply flick a switch and the fire will start heating rooms immediately.

• Many new greener methods of producing electricity are being championed in the UK. This includes wave and wind power. This means that in the near future electric power could be much more sustainable and better for the environment.

Flamerite Fires can offer quality award winning designs for your room heating requirements. These electric fires are easy to install and offer safe and cost effective operation.

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