Flick your wrist and change the mode in the Nokia N86

October 2, 2014

Chick Flick

With new things happening in the mobile technology nowadays, this one is certainly an innovation. The Nokia N86 provides the user different modes to work upon and use in the phone just by twisting the phone. The Nokia N86 music smartphone is a jack-of-all-trades and that too with a smart look to it.

Nokia has done what no other mobile company could have to dared to do with their phones. Placing the keypad on the twisting block of the phone! Seems like something real risky. Earlier on, cameras have been placed on the twistable part of the phone. But placing the keypad would mean a new experiment and did it go well!

The lower part of the Nokia N86 contract which can be twisted with a flick of the wrist can be put to three different positions. And with each different position, it performs a different function. The usual position with the keypad in the front will activate the mobile as a phone itself. A perpendicular twist to the block will activate the camera controls and functions. And another twist which is 180° to the original position will give you the mobile functioning as a music player.  In fact there are specialised keys for the music player on the back of the phone. In either mode, the user interface lends itself well to the task at hand.

Available in black, green, silver and pink casing, Nokia N86 is bound to satisfy all types of users. However the casing cover is not changeable. Nokia N86 carries an internal memory of 10 MB which is less but a 128 MB MicroSD card included with the phone makes up quite much for that. The memory however is expandable up to 1 GB so you can easily keep your data, pictures, songs in the phone comfortably. the 2 mega pixel camera in the Nokia N86 does not have an auto focus etc but still it clicks great pictures. You can even edit your pictures in the phone only and then forward it to your friends and family. Nokia N86 supports the MP3 format files and AAC player. FM radio is also present in the Nokia N86. The phone is well connected through EDGE, GPRS, Bluetooth and a USB in the form of Pop-port.

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