Guide for killing mobs in Silkroad

September 24, 2016

Mob Film

As a str user you could probably kill tg in the twenties. but it probably take you a while. the 30’s are needed for the pure int’s cause of their low health. But for tg just bring a bunch of pills and medium preferable. It gives you zombie status meaning you cant use HP(silkroad gold) pots while you are in it. When you hp pot you lose hp instead of gaining in zombie status, so pills will held you rid that.

Dont stop attacking tigergirl if you can tank it or are the level(Silkroad powerleveling). You can let other players kill off the mobs, otherwise you might miss your chance of seeing your name on the screen. TG hits like any other white tiger with the second attack of casting zombie, its pretty harmless to anyone 28+ on her own, but her waves of elites and giants all swarming on you.

You can quickly drain some hp away, this isnt so bad either really, just tap a pot *bam!* thats where you be careful, if she casts zombie as you pot, you are screwed, because no matter how many times you mash pill and more hp potions, you have 30 tigers bashing you down to the ground. As long as you keep an eye on your effects section for zombie, and keep hitting her with oyur hardest attacks you hsould do fine. Just have fun in Silkroad.

There is always people tell you lingering around to kill her, you should have zerk stocked, and use it as soon as you find her, if you find her first its wise to stick up a harmony circle, that way not as many mobs attack you, dont worry about the elites or giants that keep appearing, other people can take them out, just keep wittling her health away, and hopefully, if you did the most accumalative damage to her, its your name up in the stars of fame.

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