High School Series We Love on Satellite TV

September 24, 2016


Maybe because of the nostalgia for the “good ol days” of Friday night sports games and school dances in the cafeteria, or maybe because high school just looks better on the small screen, viewers continually are drawn to high school dramas. Whether the main characters are the primary interest, or the halls of their schools, there seems to be something endlessly interesting about this part of our adolescent life.

From the dark scenes of My So Called Life, featuring all the angst and diversity of a normal middle America high school, to the brightly shot scenes of Bayside High on Saved By The Bell, a range of shows have captured versions (real or imagined) of what high school in the United States is like.

My So Called Life ran for just one season (19 episodes) but was critically acclaimed and loved by the viewers who caught wind of it. Darker than peer shows, it starred Claire Danes, who would later go on to her own cinematic fame in moves like Little Women and Romeo and Juliet. The show was a break from the glossy world featured in Saved By The Bell, and actually featured one of the first openly gay adolescents on mainstream TV. The fashion was painfully true to real life, awkward styles and all. Perhaps it was too real for comfort, or just had a hard timeslot, but after one year the show was cancelled. All the same, in 2007 a HD DVD boxset was released to wide reception. Even though the show aired over 10 years ago, its DVD currently ranks in the top 20 of teen television boxsets sold on a number of popular online marketplaces.

Shot in high definition, Gossip Girl is the latest of a long line of high school dramas. However, this one trades middle America for the heights of New York’s Upper East Side. The stars are impeccably dressed and outrageously quick-witted, a far cry from the awkwardness of most 11th graders. All the same, and maybe for these very unrealities, viewers return week after week to see what antics Blaire is up to and whom Chuck is terrorizing. With lives as glossy as the HD screens that fill their personal limos, the cast of Gossip Girl live in a world of private schools, decadent parties, love affairs, martinis, and the occasional moment of parental tenderness. With beautiful aerial shots of Manhattan and Brooklyn, New York City also plays an important role in this high school series we love to watch.

With so many shows featuring the halls and heartbreaks of high schoolers, it is hard to know how to keep track of all episodes airing from this week and reruns of shows from years ago. Check your satellite TV guide for airing times and make an event out of your reminiscing. Get a group of friends together and watch one of today’s shows featuring high school, or a show from yesterday, to see just how much they differ from your own experience. You might be surprised at how many friends you have who will be willing to watch Gossip Girl, guilt-free. Or forget discussing reality all together and just sit back and enjoy the small screen version of a zit-free 10th grade.

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