Historical Arms & Armour Institute Guild

September 24, 2016

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Historical Arms & Armour Institute Guild

In 2008 a Group of European Armourers, felt the need to form an authoritative institute of Historical Arms and Armour based in Malta. Amongst other functions the Institute shall protect and give fine armour craftsman a higher degree of trustworthiness and identification, and educate the would be armourer in achieving accurate and faithful results in producing period armour.

This Guild is the only professional organization in Europe with a traditional and comprehensive system of marking fabricated functional arms and armour.

Guild members’ names and their respective Marks are permanently recorded and they abide by a set of standards of material and workmanship. Their work is clearly identified as genuinely made in the EU. A certificate of origin will be issued to mark its high standard and fine craftsmanship. Another task of the Guild is to promote its Mark of distinction as a symbol of excellence.

For further information visit our website www.historicalarmouries.com or send an e-mail to info@historicalarmouries.com

Historical Armouries membership

Historical Armouries principal Aim is to educate members who are truly interested, dedicated and enthusiastic to Historical Arms and Armour, who wish to broaden their knowledge on this exciting and brilliant subject. Each member’s status is recognised by the category of class he or she belongs to: Platinum, Gold, Silver, or Bronze. Some members may belong to the Platinum category, for their high social status, or for well earned dedication towards the institute or for their achievement of excellent crafting and workmanship abilities. A Bronze membership signifies a beginner or someone who might not be so active within the institute.

Historical Armouries Institute

Finally one of the main functions of the Institute is the administration of Arms and Armour making courses. These courses are stretched over a period of 3 years. Initially students shall be given a series of Historical lessons so as to become well acquainted in recognising period weapons and armour, later they shall be shown how to craft authentic period arms and armour, under close supervision. On completion of the course the institute shall issue a certificate of achievement according to the student’s merit of crafting abilities. These courses shall be administered at the institute’s workshop. Certain tools are shared between all students, however some tools have to be supplied by the student himself. Likewise all materials used during the course are to be supplied by the student or by the institute for a minimal fee.



The Historical Arms and Armour Institute was established a few years ago by a group of dedicated men, who hold to their heart and have great concern towards our rich European culture, especially that of Malta, The Island of the Great Siege of 1565, the island where the era of the Knight was eased out. Amongst others we have Master craftsmen and Master armourers who have been producing functional authentic replicas of Arms and Armour for the past 25 years.

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