Hot Vampires in Movies

September 24, 2016

Vampire Film

Vampires and werewolves have recently become more popular to the movie-goers than ever, especially since the appearance of the handsome vampire, Edward Cullen in the film adaptation of Twilight, a novel by Stephenie Meyer.


The images of vampires have been enchanting and inspiring filmmakers to create blockbusters. Let’s have a look back at successful and hot vampires.


Robert Pattinson as Edward Cullen: His combination of physical perfection with emaciated charm has made teens and women swoon everywhere.


Edward Cullen



Salma Hayek as Madame Truska: In “The Vampire’s Assistant“, Salma Hayek is one of the beautiful and exotic performers with ability to see the future and a beard down to her feet when she feels aroused.


Madame Truska



Brad Pitt as Louis De Pointe Du Lac: The vampire who has face covered in rat blood and pasty complexion refuses to kill humans and lives happily with a little girl.


Louis De Pointe Du Lac


Gary Oldman as Dracula: The vampires wear top hat and tinted glasses. Out of the many portrayals of Dracula, Gary Oldman was able to highlight the vampire’s obsession.




Gerard Butler as Dracula: This Dracula is opposite to supposed belief of pale and thin Dracula. The movie “Dracula 2000,” was considered as a loser, but Gerry wins votes as hottest Dracula ever.


Gerard Butler as Dracula


Aaliyah as Queen Akasha: In “Queen of the Damned”, Aaliyah plays Queen Akasha, the Queen of the Damned. The R & B singer is effortlessly sexy in her role and has a liquid move from one victim to another.


Aaliyah as Queen Akasha



Wesley Snipes as Blade: A half-vampire, half-mortal man becomes a protector of the mortal race.


Wesley Snipes as Blade


Tom Cruise as Lestat De Lioncourt: In “Interview with a Vampire”, Tom Cruise as Lestat has fangs and infinitely warm-blooded. Having a penchant for action with a lack of regret and a refusal to compromise, Lestat lives in defiance of society’s rules.


Tom Cruise as Lestat De Lioncourt



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