How to cure interstitial cystitis naturally

September 24, 2016

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Interstitial cystitis is categorized under urinary bladder disease in which the wall of urinary bladder get red and sore leading into the stiffness of the urinary bladder. Due to the stiffness in the walls of bladder, urinary bladder cannot expand when is filled with urine causing pain in the bladder. Most to the times, interstitial cystitis causes irritations in the bladder wall resulting in bloody urine i.e. blood droplets start coming out with urine.
Now, when you have come to know that what interstitial cystitis is, you must also like to know that how a person gets affected from this diseases. Behind most of the ailments related to bladder, kidney, and urinary tract, the reason is bacteria or viruses but a bacterium or virus does not cause this disease. And in fact, the exact cause behind interstitial cystitis is not known. Research on the reason behind this ailment is still going on. Let us see the symptoms of interstitial cystitis. Most of its symptoms are similar to bladder infection whereas some are different. Mentioned below are the symptoms of interstitial cystitis:

Urge to urinate in short intervals. Quantity of urine is quite less but the patient needs to pass urine for more times than natural frequency. Bladder cannot hold urine for long time, as the balder walls get stiff. Pain in the bladder because its capacity to hold urine is reduced. This pain gets reduced as you pass urine. Pain in pelvis and perineum when you are passing urine. Sexual intercourse becomes painful rather than pleasure. Sexual intercourse is also called stress buster but not for the patient of interstitial cystitis. Females may have to bear more pain during menstrual period.

These are the symptoms that help you identify interstitial cystitis. And once the problem has been identified, it becomes necessary to cure the disease. Doctors often recommend tests to identify the ailment and once the ailment is identified, doctors prescribe required medicines to cure it. However, the problem can also be cured naturally i.e. without medicines. Mentioned below are the tips that help curing interstitial cystitis naturally:

Make changes in your diet. Add fruits, vegetables, low fat dairy products, and omega 3 fish. Make it sure that you drink fresh and filtered water. Keep you away from acidic food, beverages, and red meat.

Additionally you need to make your immune system strong. Consult doctor for the purpose of building strong immune system.

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