How to Open Your Car’s Hood

September 24, 2016

Hood Film

If its your first time doing an under the hood job, finding what button in your car opens your hood can sometimes be difficult. Common reasons are it’s time for an oil change, the radiator needs some water, or maybe you need some more windshield wiper fluid. Usually you bring it into the mechanic to do this job, but this time you want to save some money and become a bit more independent. It’s going to be really hard to do this if you don’t know how to open the hood! Don’t worry though because it is in fact very easy to do and you will never forget once you find it.

There are two common places for a hood release to be located. If you own an old car, your hood release will probably be behind your bumper or grill. If you own a new car than your release should be located inside your car. Each car varies the exact location, but it should be located somewhere around your steering wheel or drivers seat. Sometimes it may be hidden unless you look from below.

Once you find the release the hood should pop up a little but not all the way up. You may wonder why that is? If the button was ever hit by accident while driving it would blind your view from the road and that would not be good. For safety there is an extra hood catch that you need to detach with your hand.

Once you get the hood up you might need to prop it with a rod if it does not stand alone. Your rod should be somewhere on the side edge of your engine. Once you get the hood propped up give yourself a pat on the back, now you can finally get to the hard part working on your engine!

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