How to Select an Industrial Washer

September 24, 2016

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Selecting an industrial washer is important because if you get the wrong one for your needs it could end up costing you in terms of money and customer satisfaction. When people come to a Laundromat they try and fit all their washing into one load to save time and money, therefore you need industrial washers with a large drum capacity. Even if you are choosing industrial washers for a different purpose having that large drum can only help get the most amount of laundry through in the least time.

You also need to look for energy and water savings rates on industrial washers. Washers that take less energy and water to run will save you money in the long run. The external size may be important, since the more washers that you can fit into your space, the more laundry you will be able to do. If you also have dryers then front loading machines will take up less room because you can have the dryers fixed to the wall above them.

Performance and reliability is, of course a big factor in choosing your washers. You also need to know they have a good guarantee and that the company will service or repair them promptly. You need to be able to get parts quickly and easily for your industrial washer.

The wash cycle length and spin speeds are also important when choosing an industrial washer. The quicker a cycle gets through, the more loads your washer will be able to do. And fast spin speeds means that more moisture will be removed from the clothes, thus saving time and money in the drying process.

The best way to pick the right one for your needs is to do your own research online. Do not believe the salesperson; they will only tell you good things to talk you into buying the machine. Meg writes about many Industrial Dryers and other Commercial Laundry Equipment in Perth.

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