Learn From the Lesson of Robin Hood

September 24, 2016

Hood Film

It’s hard to believe that Robin Hood was once a classic hero that everyone admired.  Well of course, back then a lot more people were struggling with poverty.  Nowadays however, because of the boom of the 80s and 90s more people have wealth to spread around and keep, and somehow the idea of a man robbing from the rich and giving to the poor just doesn’t seem that inspiring.  Especially considering that the “poor” class happens to be the U.S. government and bankrupt companies like GM and Chrysler.

No one is saying that they are un-American, but it’s understandable why some American citizens see the need to protect their money from an uncertain future.  After all, the word socialism is being haphazardly thrown around these days.  It’s a great idea to provide for the poor and the working class-but should the money to bail out the American government come exclusively from the higher-income category?  Should your assets be seized and should your money disappear when your bank goes under?

That doesn’t seem fair or very American, for that matter.  So it’s understandable why many individuals are investing in offshore accounts these days.  There is nothing illegal about investing or storing your money overseas.  What is illegal is hiding income from the U.S. government, and frankly, that is a very difficult crime to get away with.  The government has ways of tracking invisible income, even if they can’t snoop around in your offshore account.  (As for your domestic bank account?  You better believe they can!)

Furthermore, not only does investing in an offshore account guarantee you privacy and independence from America’s unstable economy, but it also opens up more opportunity for you for diversification in your investments.  Perhaps now you will have access to many more exciting opportunities that are beyond American soil, but still some of the most exciting the world over.

Robin Hood is indeed a character of fairy tale.  (In fact, it is generally accepted that he was a piece of fiction and not a real person)  The idea of robbing the rich and giving to the poor doesn’t make sense in the real world.  Therefore, unless you have money to spare (and who really does in this day and age?) then it might suit you well to think about storing some of your hard-earned money in a safe place where Robin Hood can’t grab a hold of it.

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