Led Flashing And Message Board For Promotional Purposes

September 24, 2016

Message Picture

The led technology is a state of art method that is actually very flexible, dependable and provides a cost savings over other forms of display board advertising.

These boards are used to advertise to the businesses target audience. You may have seen these types of advertisements on the boards, for such things as digital clocks, exchange rate display, and scoreboards are they are also utilized in sporting activities.

A more concrete example is the use of the led board neon signs in airports. At the airports, the led boards are used to keep passengers updated on flight changes and schedules. Commercial banks place the displays outside to give information to the community.

Flashing led board, also known as multi-color neon writing board; led message board is made of high quality puma. Using surface light source optical led display, on which choreographing/writing/drawing can be made by fluorescent marker pens. Picture drawings and character writings can be combined with clear, active, exquisite and real display effect same as the colorful neon lightings. The board is energy efficient, eco-friendly, even light distribution over display, consistent and durable. It is the most ideal tool for advertising in supermarkets, hotels, restaurants, bars, railway/bus stations and any other public locations.

Special features
1)Drawings, writings can be freely made with fluorescent marker pens, colors are brilliant and active. It is erasable, clean and easy, convenient for you to change drawings/writings anytime you want.

2)Led message boards with neon effect are flamboyant, glamorous and an absolute catcher of eyeballs.

3)The application of surface light source makes a brilliant and attractive picture with the excellent consistency of light distribution.

4)Super energy saving: the led can be illuminating continuously 200,000 hours and the power consumption is unbelievable low: 1 kilowatt for 8 days (24 hours x 8).

5)Super slim, long hours, environmentally friendly, reusable by erasing and rewriting.

6)Active and creative hand writing/drawing is a way to better style of presentation now preferred in the entertainment industry.

7)It is unique and distinguished from normal printings with permanent but dull appearance.

8)It is erasable and mission particularly handles the need of one-time advertising. The board is re-usable by removing and rewriting new messages, suitable for those who need frequent changes.

9)The neon lights required a combination of colors to support the sign and usually made in a metal box. Cost is expensive. The surface light source plus the fluorescent marker pens creates a better effect than the neon yet at much lower costs. It is great for business making sales promotion, as this eyeballs catcher will enhance sales opportunities.

10) Good for window displays: promotion of retail shops, sale/rent message of property brokers etc to replace the traditional pop board.

11) Indoors display for use in bars, disco, hotel, coffee shops, offices, shopping malls, supermarkets and all entertainment industries. It is not only a message board but also a good art of decoration.

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