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September 24, 2016

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Recently, the kitchen electric giant striker with the Chengdu High-tech business Innovene another collaboration, using both technical advantages in their respective areas, through the hood structure and aerodynamics of the full study, breakthrough release series “near-suction” hood products industry said the move will bring a breakthrough in the domestic market, the development of range hoods, range hood market will be re-divided, took a deep European style and pattern of two points from the end of the world, but also declared smoke industries in China, Zhejiang, Guangdong , the formation of Southwest tripod.

Technological innovations lead the industry to upgrade

Hood since the last century into the Chinese family since the 80’s, after 20 years of development, family life has become an indispensable necessity, the overall retail market is growing, with the kitchen appliances industry, competitive environment and consumer The changing concept of consumption, after several rounds of elimination, the domestic range hood industry entered a relatively stable stage of development, more competitive brand. In order to take market share, brand electric kitchen range hood market in a fierce battle, and to meet the rapid evolution of consumer-oriented, forward of the net ion range hood, side, after Mrs Ding hood, can be regarded as the market representative products.

Listed near suction hood

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The production currently on the market, “Near-priming,” Hood’s only a few small brands, its production scale, product technology is not mature, forward is the first to enter the “near-priming” in the field of big brands, which indicates that smoke competitive industry will be further upgraded, in which technological innovation and mass production is the key.

“Near-priming” to re-divide the market Hood

Traditional range hood structure from the function and appearance, can be divided into a deep European-style and two, two common features installed in the fume hood above the occurrence of the source, and the fumes from the Source of a larger not achieve the objective of completely sucked fumes, smoke and fumes in the smoke to go through the process of cooking’s work area, the health disadvantage of the cooking. The net present forwards available in the market with ion smoke air purification function of the kitchen, but the price high.

Range hood is able to find relatively well, the new structural design, and because they have a higher cost then? The answer is yes, this is the “near-priming” smoke. The industry believes that “near-priming” smoke is a tailor-made for the Chinese family of products, is consistent with Chinese stir habits, but also with the level of consumption of the Chinese family. With the striker and other major brands to enter the “near-priming” Smoke in the field, the Chinese smoke from the traditional market will take a deep European style and divided into a deep, Continental, nearly one-third of the world’s pattern of suction.
For registration smoke
forward technical head of the throne

A survey, currently the country’s smoke machine manufacturer about 500, mainly distributed in Zhejiang and Guangdong. Zhejiang Province is relying on many brands because of their smoke into the overall kitchen appliances in the field, so in recent years around the hood of the development trend, but this trend mainly to the look and design of process-based, with fine workmanship, fashionable and dominate the market. Guangdong brand kitchen products during the process of expansion of R & D is not the hood placed in important positions, but mainly through refinement of the social division of labor to form or assembled form of OEM production, so prices are mainly in Guangdong Brand dominant market share.

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