Lung Yeuk Tau Heritage Trail Exploring The Ancient Villages Of Hong Kong

September 24, 2016

Mo Lei Tau

Grasping the attention of those who find themselves compelled to learn about Hong Kongs living culture as it is a fascinating organism of vibrancy and diversity, the trail provides an in-depth look at a number of attractions located in the area. A must-do activity, those who are remotely interested will find the journey to be extremely fruitful as one can learn many things about the history of Hong Kong.

A trail that perfectly captures the spirit of going back in time, the journey teleports the visitors to many centuries ago into a realm of intriguing stories and architecture, seemingly similar to a chapter from a Hong Kong history book. Tracing the history of 11 ancient villages, the trail usually takes about half a day where one can witness the soft breeze rippling through the halls of air, touching the green fields and the ancient walls of the villages.

Encompassing the architectural brilliance of the different clans prevalent during that time, most of the villages, which make part of the route, are enclosed. These walled villages belong to the Tang Clan, one of the greatest clans in the history of New Territories.

Belonging to the top five of the greatest clans, the particular trail that engages the walkers through the sights of this culture guides the visitors to a time where marauders and bandits used to lurk behind the trees, hoping to infiltrate the village boundary. Having originated from the descendants of a princess during the Southern Song dynasty, the lineage of the clan has a stronger claim to royalty in comparison to fellow other clans. Throughout the years, the clan prospered and as a result expanded and branched to many other surrounding areas. Their Five Wais and Six Tsuens built within a hundred years can still be seen, wais meaning walled or enclosed and tsuens meaning villages. Some of the villages are Sun Wai, Ma Wat Wai, and Lo Wai where its entrance gate towers, watchtowers and walls remain a main attraction.

Some of the other attractions include the Tang Chung Ling Ancestral Hall and the Tin Hau Kung, which is a temple devoted to the deity Tin Hau. Known to be the Goddess of the Sea, locals come here to worship quite often. Perhaps the most significant structure among the two, the Tang Chung Ling Ancestral Hall is an exquisite monument constructed in the 16th century. Representing an iconic symbol in memory of the founding ancestor of the clan, Tang Chung Ling, the hall is adorned with murals and finely crafted mouldings and wooden carvings. A marvel to the beholder, its intricate structure is further defined by motifs believed to be held auspicious by locals. The ancestral hall is a testament to the craftsmanship, reflecting the skills and talents that existed in ancient times.

One can also see Shek Lo, a private residence that was built during 1925. This two-storey construction represents the influences of Western and Chinese manner of architecture, which blends flawlessly to create a unique building. In addition, there are many residences that one could witness, most of them unchanged throughout the years, their initial allure still intact.

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