Making Hooded Bath Towel

September 24, 2016

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Hooded bath towels are especially useful for keeping babies warm after a bath. If you sister is about to give birth to a little baby girl, consider making a hooded bath towel as a gift for the baby. Making a hooded bath towel is not really that difficult. Just find a good pattern for a hooded bath towel, buy some warm cloth and then start doing your thing.

Making a lovely bath towel will not really take much of your time. In fact, if you are good at using the sewing machine, you can already make a lovely bath towel within just an hour or two. Can’t you just go to the department store and pick up a ready to use hooded towel for your niece? Yes of course you can do that but buying something off the department store rack is not really the same as making something with your own two hands. Just think of the whole process of making a bath towel for your niece as a labor of love.

Shopping for Cloth

Babies have very sensitive skin so you need to find the right type of clothe for your hooded bath towel. Pure cotton materials are best for bath towels. Cotton is naturally warm and soft to the skin. It also absorbs water and moisture on the baby’s skin easily. You can find plenty of good cotton materials at the modesty department of your favorite department store.

On the other hand, if you live in a rural area and you do not have easy access to the malls and department stores, buy your materials online a few weeks or even months before the baby is due. Note that online purchases often take a few days to deliver so you need to place your orders well ahead of time.

Preparing Your Gift

Once you have your materials, start working on the hooded bath towel immediately. Cut the cloth to its desired size and then machine stitch its edges. You may embroider the name of your niece on one corner of the hooded bath towel if you want. After making the towel, wash it carefully and then press it. Wrap the towel in cute gift wrap and then put some ribbons around it. Your niece may not be old enough to appreciate such a gesture but your sister will surely be delighted to see a thoughtful present.

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