Manshyiat Naser: Garbage City

September 24, 2016

Mouth Of Garbage Film

Manshyiat Naser slum, commonly known as the City of Garbage, is located on the outskirts of Cairo. The inhabitants of Manshyiat Naser live on collecting and sorting out trash which is brought to the city by cart or truck. Their main work is to dig through a variety of garbage to retrieve what they can sell, recycle or use. It is estimated that about 80% is recycled and resold while organic waste is either processed into cattle food or burnt for fuel.


A lot of families in Manshyiat Naser work as garbage collectors for several generations, so it is hard for them to support themselves by another job. The model of Manshyiat Naser can be seen in may cities throughout the world such as Los Angeles (the U.S.A.), Manila (Philippine) and Bombay (India). Moreover, the way of life in Manshyiat Naser has created great inspiration for many photographers.


The Manshyiat Naser is a slum in the suburb of Cairo, Egypt


Those who inhabit in Manshyiat Naser are called Zabbaleen


Trash from all over Cairo is brought to Manshyiat Naser


The Zabbaleen earn their living by sorting out garbage


Garbage can be seen in every street and every building in Manshyiat Naser


Various recycled paper and glass products are made and sold from the city of garbage


In common, families sort out different types of garbage in a particular room


Garbage City reminds us of the movie “Wall-E


Cities like Manshyiat Naser can be found in Manila, Bombay and Los Angeles



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