Medical doctor Who: the film occupations of Eccleston and Tennant

May 23, 2014

Anthology Film

CineKink NYC/2009
Anthology film
Impression by CineKink
Q&ampA for &quotWhips &amp Restraint&quot shorts plan.

Pictured: filmmakers Dean Strober (‘Kink, Inc.’), Gabriele Hoff (‘Serving Madame Gina’), Lena Armstrong and Casey Clark (‘Kink, Inc.’)

Medical doctor Who: the film careers of Eccleston and Tennant
Tennant&#39s Tv set acting debut was in the ITV Young children&#39s drama anthology collection Dramarama: The Secret of Croftmore, which has also observed performances from Sylvester McCoy and Peter Capaldi, during its prolonged run. Tennant, also had a role in Rab C Nesbitt in&nbsp…
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