Monsters Vs Aliens Birthday Party Ideas

September 24, 2016

Monsters HD

The Monsters vs. Aliens movie features a series of ‘monsters’ kept by the United States government, who are enlisted to help fight off evil aliens who come to Earth to take it over.

A great action and comedy animated movie, it won’t be long before kids everywhere are asking for a Monsters vs Aliens themed birthday party. When they do, you should be prepared with the help of these party ideas.

An Epic Battle

If you are going to have a Monsters vs. Aliens themed birthday party, then you are going to need to get the kids excited for the impending battle of the monsters and aliens. This will be very easy to do. All you have to do is tell them that when they come to the birthday party, they will take part in the battle to settle the fate of Earth and they will have to find out if they are on the monster side or alien side. When they arrive, you have each child pull a piece of paper out of a hat. This will tell them which side they are on and the preparations can begin.

Create Your Monster/Alien

Once the kids know which side they are going to be on, you need to give them either large paper bags or cardboard boxes that will fit over themselves. Then, allow them to use a variety of supplies and paints so they will be able to start designing their monster or alien costume. The kids will have a lot of fun with it and it will be a great opportunity for a picture after you see what they create.


Now that everyone is ready with their costumes, you can give them foam to put over their hands, or foam bats. Then the kids can attack each other in a safe setting with safe items and have a lot of fun. At the end of it all, you can reward everyone for their great battle with some excellent treats and food.

Monsters vs. Aliens is a big movie hit, so you should be prepared for your own kids asking for a Monsters vs Aliens themed birthday party. When they do, you will have plenty of ideas to go on.

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