Mystery of Dog Evolution Still a Mystery

September 24, 2016

Mystery Film

Domesticated dogs are of the same family. The family Consists of Wolves, Foxes, Dingoes, Coyotes, Jackals, Wild Dogs and the domesticated dog. There are 39 Canids in all and most are subspecies of Genus Canis. The domesticated dog is called Canis Familiaris. It is believed that all Canids are descendants of a prehistoric mammal called Miacis.

Did you know? The Wolf, Dingo, Coyote, Jackal, Wild Dog, Domesticated Dog and Fox (rarely) can interbreed with each other. The DNA make-up of the family is almost perfectly identical. Another interesting fact is they all have a 63-day gestation period and each have 42 teeth. The date that the domesticated dog became a separate species is still unclear. We do know however that they were not domesticated until they crossed paths with humans.

Most believe that the dog’s ancestors were attracted to human settlements and camps through the process of scavenging. This process of scavenging was welcomed by humans. The dogs would clean up all the scraps and waste. In turn, this played a major part in deterring other wild and deadly scavengers. The dog clean up helped eliminate a lot of the scrap and waste scents. As the dogs became territorial over their waste and scrap heavens. They probably began to bark at interfering animals and humans.

The humans liked the barks and territorial behavior. This really helped with scaring off other potential threats from other animals and humans. It is believed that over time the villagers would recognize certain dogs and started naming and capturing them. Over the course of many, many years, this effect caused the dogs to be a part of the villages.

Later on in time, a hunter discovered that a dog could track scent or possibly take down game. The hunters began to bring these dogs on their hunting trips. The dogs had speed and strengths that were far superior to humans. The canines could sniff out prey and run it down. Humans can only guess at were the prey was hiding.

Over the evolution period the villagers began raising there own livestock. The villagers quickly learned how to redirect the dogs prey drive into herding and guarding the livestock. Over time the dogs were trained to guard, hunt, herd, pull sleds and the easiest task of all become a human companion.

It is thought, that the domestication of dogs emerged through all parts of the world at the same time. This occurred with out any connection to each other, which is a baffling theory to many. Take note that some dogs did not evolve in the same way others did.

They are two types of Canis Familiaris (Pariah Dogs) and (True domestic Dogs) that are not technically subspecies. The Pariah dogs continue to exist as their ancestors did through scavenging behavior and the true domestic dog lives in our homes and share our lives and food with us. The Pariah dog lives in urban areas, dumps, and vacant lots. Pariah dogs and Domestic dogs cross paths quiet often and is not uncommon for one to become the other.

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