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September 24, 2016

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Various industries depend upon nameplates for range of applications. The industrial nameplates have unique properties, which make them withstand harsher operating environments and these properties vary from application to application. Special materials and processes involved make them appropriate for industrial utility.

Some industries using name plates are; Aircraft and aerospace, automotive industry, electronics, government and military agencies, marine industry, OEM, oilfield etc. The major function of nameplate is to inform. It gives necessary product information like ‘the make’, dates, contact numbers etc. Aircrafts use many instruments, which need to be accurate and perform in extreme temperatures and at great heights. Name tags, control panels, dials and gauges all forms of name plates meet these needs.

Nameplates cater to the automotive industry also. Vehicles require them for identification, warning, operations and certification purposes. Truck, tanker and trailer manufacturers use VIN tags and assembly information; dial indicators for temperature, oil, liquid and vapor; emergency and prevention labels; and name plates with vehicle maintenance and warranty information.

Computers, electronic equipment use product and manufacturer information that fits into small areas and tolerates electrostatic discharge and heat dissipation. Name tags are used by government and military agencies as ID, asset and property plates. They are used as operating and warning signs for equipments.

Marine equipment and vessels also operate in some of the harshest outdoor environment of high temperatures and salt water. Marine industry uses long lasting, corrosion-proof nameplates for inspection and certification; hazardous conditions and safety tags; rating, re-rating and repair information on boilers, pressure gauges, tank plates, valves and more. OEMS and oilfields have wide application for nameplates. Attention and caution plates; logo decals; load charts; model and information panels for actuator, compressor, conveyor, gearbox, rotary switch etc are of great help in providing specific product information. Industrial nametags provide multi-language operating information for oil field equipments.

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