No One Killed Jessica Opens With Mixed Reviews

September 24, 2016

Guerrilla Filmmaking

AFTER FACING a disastrous 2010 in cinema, the year 2011 was ushered in by one of the most awaited movies No One Killed Jessica by Rajkumar Gupta, who had earlier helmed Aamir. The movie No One Killed Jessica has opened up with encouraging feedback from prominent industry watchers, critics and fellow actors.

So, what actually did work out for the movie? Was it the unabashed usage of cuss words by Rani, was it the heart moving story line in which the entire country took inspiration from another cult movie, Rang De Basanti wherein the investigating agencies were forced to put the accused in the dock and ensure that the Jessica Lal murder case was brought to conclusion. Another attraction of the film could also be the director’s take on presenting the story in a documentary style?

Different people have their own takes to testify these questions. Kaveri Bamzai of a prominent magazine says that you know the story of how Jessica Lall was murdered. You also know the guilty will eventually be punished. Yet from the minute the phone rings by Sabrina Lall’s bedside, the viewer is in the grip of a high fever. The pace is frenetic, the language forceful, the collapse of witnesses shocking.

On the directors take, trade analyst Taran Adarsh who gave No One Killed Jessica four stars also recommended a standing ovation for the movie apart from saying that most storytellers entertain, a few enlighten. A scattering number of celluloid visionaries entertain as well as enlighten. Rajkumar Gupta fits into that exceptional variety of film-makers that opens up thought-processes about the condition of the homeland without losing the cinematic elements that constitute a film.

Ahead of his next release Dhobi Ghat, actor Aamir Khan who was present at No One Killed Jessica’s screening in Mumbai says that with a strong storyline, good direction, exciting promos and a whole of lot of other good aspects of the movie, I hope it will certainly have an impact.

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