Perception Is Reality

September 24, 2016

Reality TV

They (whoever they are) say that beauty is in the eye of the beholder. This is indeed something I believe in. There is that perfect match of someone that you wont grow tired of looking at, someone whos faults will be overlooked through the passage of time and thus I suppose this is where some of this is founded in. So in the case of beauty or choice of the perfect companion to go through life one persons feast is another ones famine. All of these types of statements are indeed transmutations of the statement, perception is reality.

In cutting through all of the superficial nonsense this actually becomes a mantra of mine, a guiding light and a repetition that my own perceptions will indeed scope out my reality. Is the glass half full or is the glass half empty?? It is these thoughts that actually take form in our mind and direct the repeated thoughts. Those thoughts then become streams of thoughts that shape our attitude and then ultimately our words. Before long our own perceptions begin to shape the world around us.

For some of you reading this, this may come as a shock or a surprise, for others it is a sobering reality. It is these choices of thoughts or perceptions that we can begin our journey. Out journey for creating the life we truly desire. As we begin to see things from a positive standpoint and perceive that glass half full, we then begin to vibrate in a state of gratitude. It is from that state of mind or vibration that more and more things appear or look to be heading in the right direction. In actuality it is our perception or choice of thought that is crating these streams of thought. Perceiving the glass as half full means that you have gratitude for the quality of whatever is in the glass. That vibration is HIGHLY attractive and just might attract enough goodness from your environment so someone fills your glass back up without even asking.. I am certainly speaking metaphorically here but this is it. This is the secret to getting life to flow in the direction of your choice. The choice is your perception, your REALITY.

So today, as you perhaps re-read this article a few times, remember to look at things from the most advantageous perspective. Allow that Perception of Gratitude, of Fullness, or of Optimism to become your choice of thought. Before the day is complete you will begin to notice things heading in the right direction. It will give you proof and evidence that not only is your perception creating your reality but you will begin to feel a very calming affect in knowing that YOU had control all along. Not some outside mystical force. Not some Circumstance. YOU Y O U!!! So take responsibility and declare all glasses half full.

If you want to learn more of these principles contact me directly at 954-349-7386 or visit David Varrone. Also check out the core of where this all comes from AVANT (TM).

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