Perfect Date With Pinay Girls on Lingayen Beach

September 24, 2016

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Are you in search of a perfect place for a memorable date? Then, awesome beaches of the Lingayen Gulf will sweep Pinay Girls’s hearts away. Lingayen gulf is featured with the best beaches and shorelines just North of Metro Manila. Located in the coastal province of Pangasinan, it faces the South China Sea and offers the most wonderful sun rises in the country.


The gulf is known for many affordable beach resorts that offer cabins and huts for accommodation. You and your date can indulge in an almost unlimited variety of sea foods served right on the shore. You can fill you appetite for shell fish like crabs, oysters, and mussel grilled that is grilled or cooked right on the beach for you to eat. There are also a large menu of fresh fish taken from the sea or from nearby by fresh water sources. All dishes are served by “seaside” waitresses for hungry tourists and are served hot from the grill. The area is also well known for local delicacies like sweets called bocayo which is a candy made from sweetened coconut. There is also the tupig which is a sticky cake made from native root crops and coconut. The cakes are wrapped in banana leaves and grilled to cook.


Lingayen gulf is also renowned for the Hundred Islands tourist destination. You can take a boat ride and do some island hopping around the 123 islands scattered all over the sea. Two of the most popular islands are the Quezon and Governor Islands. You can take your date snorkeling or skin diving to see the natural wonders of the live and clear sea. Small and colorful fish could even be seen swimming at your feet at waist deep waters.


You will certainly find the most unique island getaway with the resorts of Lingayen Gulf. You never have to go too far from Manila to see the most wonderful beaches in the world. This gulf would really give you the best date you can ever have.


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