Ricky Gervais Tickets – Gervais Won’t Be Replacing Carell (for Now)

September 24, 2016


Before the television show The Office in the U.K., comedian Ricky Gervais had only a small following of fans. The success of that show, though, turned him into a household name first in the U.K. and then in the United States, as the mockumentary television series was repackaged for U.S. audiences in 2005. Ricky Gervais played the clueless boss on the U.K. version of the hit show, and famed comedian Steve Carell was picked for the role in the American series.

Ricky Gervais has since ended his stint as the boss on the U.K. version of The Office to pursue other endeavors, although he still works with the many different The Office shows around the world. Now, Carell is following in Gervais’ footsteps again. Carell recently announced that he would be leaving his role as the boss of the American version of The Office after wrapping up the seventh season of the hit show. His departure means that there will be an opening for the position of boss at Dunder Mifflin.

Not long after Carell announced his retirement, speculation started to surface that it would be Gervais himself who would take over as the new boss. Both Carell and Gervais denied the claims. According to the UKPA, Gervais explained, “As David Brent [his character in the U.K. show] would say, been there, done that, bought the T-shirt – as I would say, ‘Why would I get up at 6 a.m. five days a week for seven years, when I can hire someone else to do that and still get my syndication money?'” Paul Lieberstein, another The Office exec, said the issue isn’t dead yet, giving hope to those who would love seeing Gervais in the U.S. version of The Office.

Just because he isn’t going to join the show, though, doesn’t mean that Gervais doesn’t have anything to keep him busy. He will be making a second appearance (of sorts) on another hit show. He is set to appear as a cartoon in an upcoming episode of The Simpsons. The episode will be about the Oscars, and he will appear as himself in the episode, which will air in 2011. It isn’t his first appearance on the show, as he voiced another British character on The Simpsons in 2006.

Gervais is also taking time out of his schedule to give back to a worthy charity. He will take part on the event “Night of Too Many Stars: An Overbooked Concert for Autism Education.” The event is put on by Jon Stewart’s Busboy Productions and Comedy Central, and it will mark the third such event. “Night of Too Many Stars: An Overbooked Concert for Autism Education” will be take place on Oct. 2 at New York City’s Beacon Theatre.

Along with Gervais and Stewart, other celebrities to participate include Carell, Stephen Colbert, Jimmy Fallon, Tina Fey, Joel McHale, Chris Rock, Sarah Silverman and more. The event will raise money for schools and educational programs for autistic children. Ricky Gervais tickets for the event went on sale Aug. 2.

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