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September 24, 2016

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Shrek has been a successful animation since the first film’s creation back in 2001, featuring a host of famous names. Shrek quickly became a hit with not just children but adults too due to the animations ability to satisfy both a child’s and adult’s sense of humour. Now this popular film has made its way to the theatres of America and is on its way to satisfy the comic needs of London theatre goers.


The popularity of Shrek far exceeded expectations when American animators DreamWorks first released the film under the direction of Andrew Adamson and Vicky Jenson.  This is a trend that has carried through to Shrek the Musical; it was never planned to be such a success as it has been. Shrek the Musical tickets have far outsold established theatre shows and it is now planned to be taken on tour.


Running from May 6th 2011 to February 19th 2012, Shrek the Musical tickets are already selling fast. Many regular London theatre goers are purchasing advanced Shrek the Musical tickets as presents over the festive season and those that have never been to the theatre or visit infrequently are being drawn to the show for its universal appeal.


Based on the love story from the original Shrek film, incorporating the much loved characters Shrek, Fiona and Donkey, Shrek the Musical joins many successful fairy tales that have been a hit on stage. Shrek the Musical tickets encourage parents to take their children to the theatre, an experience that most modern children do not have the pleasure of encountering.


Staring big names such as Amanda Holden, Richard Blackwood, Nigel Lindsay and Nigel Harman, Shrek the musical tickets are set to fly off the shelves.


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